Rocket Cam 2 Lost

BELVIDERE, IL – The Space Program in Training was unable to locate Rocket Cam 2 after a wild flight.

Rocket Cam 2 was prepped with an Estes C-6-4 engine.  Bob equipped the rocket with an onboard video camera shortly before its 22nd flight, the most flights of any rocket in the Space Program in Training arsenal.

“It’s usually ‘Old Reliable’ for us,” said Daniel.  He counted it down and pressed the button on the controller.  Immediately, the ground crew knew there was a problem.  Rocket Cam 2 veered sharply sideways right after leaving the launch rod, heading southeast of the launch site.  The parachute deployed, but tore away from the rocket.  It floated down alone about 100 yards southeast of the launch site and was recovered a few moments after the flight.

“It fooled me,” said Daniel.  “I thought I was following the rocket, but all I was following was the parachute.”  The metal clasp that holds the parachute shroud lines to the shock cord had broken.  Bob believes it might have been due to the stress of the flight.

“It looked like it was still moving very quickly sideways when the ejection charge went off,” he said.  “I think the air just tore it away.”  The other planned flights for the day were canceled.  Bob and Daniel began searching the area farther southeast of the launch site, but called it off after about 45 minutes due to the setting sun.

“We’ll give it another try tomorrow afternoon,” said Bob.  “I really hope we find it.”


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