Pinpoint Landing for Skyhawker

BELVIDERE, IL – After a false start, Skyhawker made the day’s closest landing.

Skyhawker was prepped with an Estes A-8-3 engine.  Daniel set it on the launch pad and counted it down.  The first attempt failed.  The wires on the igniter had been crossed before entering the engine nozzle, shorting it out.  Bob fixed the issue quickly and they tried again.  This time Skyhawker zipped off the launch pad.  The flight was not very high.  No actual data were collected, but the ground crew estimates its flight at 250 feet.  The rocket flew almost straight up and came straight down.  The parachute deployed and opened without problems.  Skyhawker landed on the pavement of the cul-de-sac about five yards from the launch pad.  Daniel recovered it and reported no damage.


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