New Rockets Get Final Coats of Paint, Ready for Flight

BELVIDERE, IL – The Space Program in Training (SPIT) has been hard at work painting rockets all week, despite the less than ideal temperatures.

“We did one coat every evening,” said Bob.  “It took a long time to dry.”  The weather warmed up this morning, so Bob and Daniel picked up the pace, painting each of their three new rockets three different times.

“We painted in between running errands,” said Bob.  The Hi-Flyer is painted completely in fluorescent orange to make the small rocket as visible as possible.  It’s been officially renamed “The Orange Blossom Special”.  The Super Alpha model was painted solid gold as it resembled the Hi-Jinks in shape.

“It’s like its big brother,” said Daniel.  “We call it Hi-Jinks 2.”

The Magician kit was originally going to be painted white with purple accents.  However, the white didn’t seem bright enough.  Instead the body was painted a very bright yellow.

“It’s the colors of the Belvidere Bucs,” said Daniel.  The new rocket has been christened “Buccaneer 1”.  Hi-Jinks 2 was fitted with a parachute and engine.  Bob noticed a crack between one of the fins and the body tube on the Orange Blossom Special.  He added a new glue fillet and left it in a sunny place to dry.

“It was ready to go in a couple of hours,” said Bob.

Both Hi-Jinks 2 and the Orange Blossom Special have been prepped for launch and – weather permitting – will see their debut flights this afternoon.  The only one left out is the Buccaneer 1.  The Estes Magician kit requires D or E engines; the Space Program in Training doesn’t have any engines that large at this time.

“We’re planning on picking some up soon,” said Daniel.


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