Hi-Jinks Makes Three Point Landing

BELVIDERE, IL – Hi-Jinks took to the sky for the eighteenth time this afternoon after a long hibernation over the winter.

“I thought about launching it a couple of times,” said Daniel, “but it never worked out.”  This time, the rocket was prepped with an Estes A-8-3 engine.  The launch was perfect and the rocket was visible throughout the flight.  It was a low flight due to the engine.  The parachute deployed and opened correctly.

The rocket drifted back towards the launch site and ended up landing right at the edge of the cul-de-sac about five yards north of where it took off.  Hi-Jinks actually hit the curb and ended up landing standing up on its three fins.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Daniel, taking picture after picture.  A quick examination revealed no damage despite the blacktop landing.


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