“Big Brother” Makes Debut Launch

BELVIDERE, IL – Estes calls it a Super Alpha, the Space Program in Training (SPIT) calls it “Hi-Jinks 2”.

“It looks a lot like our Hi-Jinks rocket,” said Daniel.  “We even painted it gold.”  The Hi-Jinks 2 was prepped with an Estes B-6-4 engine.  Daniel counted it down and pressed the launch button.  Despite its size, Hi-Jinks 2 roared off the launch pad for a pretty high flight.  Bob and Daniel were both able to track it throughout.  The parachute deployed and opened correctly.  Hi-Jinks drifted down in the cloudy skies, coming to rest on the street leading into the cul-de-sac, about fifteen yards west of the launch site.  Daniel was on hand at the landing, but did not try to catch it.  Despite landing on pavement, the Hi-Jinks 2 was undamaged.  This was the first true kit rocket the Space Program in Training has constructed.  They were pleased to see it fly straight with little spin.  Everything went perfectly except for the camera recording the launch in slow motion.

“We have a convex mirror under the launch pad to record the blast off,” said Bob.  “The Hi-Jinks 2 blasted off so hard, it actually pushed the mirror away.  All we got was a picture of the blacktop under the rocket.”


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