SPIT Works on Two New Rockets

BELVIDERE, IL – The Space Program in Training (SPIT) has been hard at work, adding two new rockets to their arsenal.

Bob and Daniel completed construction of an Estes Super Alpha model rocket kit.  The rocket stands over eighteen inches tall and has stout fins and a solid balsa wood nosecone.

“It’s a classic looking rocket,” said Daniel.

Following the Super Alpha, they also worked on building an Estes Magician model rocket kit.  Once done this will be the tallest, most powerful rocket in the SPIT arsenal.

“It flies on D and E level engines,” said Bob.  “It’s the first rocket we have that can launch on those.”  The Magician kit also features a clear payload area suitable for onboard video.

While waiting for the glue to dry on the new rocket kits, the ground crew were also hard at work fixing and prepping their existing rockets.  All of the rockets were retrofitted with three small holes to accommodate the Altimeter One.

“The only rocket we didn’t fix was the Silver Streaker,” said Daniel.  “We couldn’t find the piece of fin that broke off.”

The Space Program in Training plans to paint their new rockets this week (along with the Hi-Flyer kit built earlier in the year) and cover the top of the new Astrobeam with contact paper.

“We’d like to have a dozen rockets to fly for our anniversary,” said Daniel.  The Space Program in Training launched their first rocket – Saturn 7 – on April 13, 2010.


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