Rocket Cam 2 Makes First Flight in 2011

BELVIDERE, IL – The most flown rocket in the Space Program in Training (SPIT) arsenal flew for the first time this year.

Bob and Daniel prepped the rocket with an Estes C-6-5 engine and used their standard nosecone configuration where the onboard video camera faces straight out from the rocket payload area.

“We hadn’t flown it since October,” said Bob.  “We wanted to keep it as simple as possible.”  Daniel counted it down and pressed the launch button.  Nothing happened.  It was the first misfire using the 12 volt launch controller.  Bob checked the leads and they tried again.  This time, the countdown went perfectly and Rocket Cam 2 soared into the evening sky.  The parachute deployed and opened fine.  Rocket Cam 2 drifted down, landing about 50 yards west of the launch site.

Daniel reported the rocket suffered no damage during its twenty-first flight.  However, the onboard video camera shut down in mid flight.

“Usually, the only thing that stops the camera is if it suffers a hard landing,” said Bob.  “We’re not sure why it stopped today.”


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