Skyhawker Survives Blacktop Landing

BELVIDERE, IL – The first flight of Skyhawker this year was a bit of a mixed bag.

Following the crash of the Silver Streaker, Bob and Daniel set up the Skyhawker.  It had been prepped since Wednesday, ready to fly with a “lighter cam”.  However, Bob tested the camera and the battery had died in the intervening days.  He replaced it with the gum camera that had just flown on the Silver Streaker, but had not recorded.

“I thought it might have a chance at redemption,” said Bob.

The Skyhawker was set up with an Estes B-6-4.  The wind was picking up, but it turned out not to have much of an effect.  Daniel counted down and launched.  Skyhawker blasted off immediately.  While the parachute deployed, it did not open and the rocket came crashing down less than ten feet from the launch pad.

“My video got a little shaky when I had to get out of its way,” said Daniel.  Again, the gum camera failed to record the flight.  The bottom of the camera was dented from the impact on the blacktop.  However, the Skyhawker only suffered some minor damage to the fins and should be able to fly again without repairs.


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