SPIT Inspects Launch Sites After Blizzard

BELVIDERE, IL – A blizzard that blanketed the area last week continues to pose problems for the Space Program in Training.

The Space Program in Training (SPIT) measured the snowfall at around twenty inches in Belvidere.  Wind gusts over sixty miles and hour built up seven foot drifts in places.  While most of the area was dug out by the next day, the launch sites used by SPIT are still buried.

“To be fair, very few people go to the places we launch from,” said Bob.  The ground crew inspected their launch sites this week to determine whether or not they could launch from any of them.

The cul-de-sac site was still covered in about 12 inches of snow.  However, the snowplows had pushed up a four foot pile in front of the road going to the cul-de-sac, so it was impossible to drive to.   At Lincoln Elementary School, snowplows had deposited a parking lot’s worth of snow across the gravel path used by the Space Program in Training.  As for Prairie Fields, the parking lot was left covered as the park is not used in the winter.

Snowplows were still sighted through the weekend, but the ground crew holds out little hope things will be better at their launch sites anytime soon.

“I think Belvidere has done everything they’re going to do as far as we’re concerned,” said Bob.  “Now we just have to wait for Mother Nature.”



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